• Brain Dump

    Take Two

    Hey there! I’m back for my second blog post.   It’s 10:30 on a Tuesday morning and I don’t really have time to be doing this, but here I am. 5 points isn’t much in the grand scheme of things and I could probably easily afford to lose the points, but alas, there are other, more important things I’m putting off doing, so I might as well do this in the meantime. I’ll be deleting these blog posts and replacing them with something better when I have more time/when the semester ends, so this is really just filler for the time being. Drake Mag has its big pin-up on Thursday,…

  • Brain Dump

    Hey There!

    Welcome to my very first blog post.   It’s currently 11 pm on Wednesday night, and I’ve just finished up a full day of work, meetings, and even a speaking arrangement at an Iowa high school journalism conference. I’ve got a stack of un-edited Drake Mag drafts by my side, an embarrassing number of tabs open in my browser window, and an intense craving for cafeteria cheese curds. Alas, writing this blog post is one of the last tasks I need to accomplish tonight before heading off to some well-deserved rest.   I think the best approach for my blog posts, at the moment, should be glimpses into my day-to-day…