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Hey There!

Welcome to my very first blog post.


It’s currently 11 pm on Wednesday night, and I’ve just finished up a full day of work, meetings, and even a speaking arrangement at an Iowa high school journalism conference. I’ve got a stack of un-edited Drake Mag drafts by my side, an embarrassing number of tabs open in my browser window, and an intense craving for cafeteria cheese curds. Alas, writing this blog post is one of the last tasks I need to accomplish tonight before heading off to some well-deserved rest.


I think my current best approach for blog posts is glimpses into my day-to-day life. After school finishes I’d like to start curating some interesting content, but at the moment I’m swamped with schoolwork. So for now, I’ll give you lucky reader a snapshot of what’s going on in my life and in my head at the moment.


We’re just trying to wrap up this semester’s issue of Drake Magazine and perfect it for our campus-wide pin-up next Thursday. Then, on Monday the 16th, we surrender the magazine to the printer, who will return the published issue just in time for Relays. This semester is going more smoothly than last semester, mainly because we know what we’re doing this time around, but of course every issue is not without its surprises and kinks and heated discussions (read: shouting matches and angrily-typed, passive aggressive emails). As we hit crunch time, tensions are high—difficult decisions must be made, and they must be made now. Overall, though, I’m extremely pleased with the direction of this issue and am genuinely excited not just to have it out of my life, but to have it out in the world.


This morning I registered for my final fall semester (gasp!) Truly, this time has flown by and though college as a whole is extremely difficult and there are parts of it I’d never want to re-live, most of it has been wildly fun and rewarding. I promised myself I’d take it easy next year but, surprise surprise, it turns out “taking it easy” isn’t in my vocabulary. I’m taking a full load of 16 credits. Of course, it’ll be easier without Drake Mag on my plate, and I’m taking some classes that’ll actually be fun, but still. I just know that senioritis is gonna hit hard.


Well, friends, it appears I’ve hit word count. Please allow me to brainstorm some tags, choose a random photo, and send this post into the internet abyss.


Thanks for tuning in.



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