Brain Dump

New York, New York!

I’ve officially been in The City So Nice They Named It Twice for one week + one day. Folks, it’s been a ride. A wild ride, but an unbelievably amazing one.

I’m in town for a summer internship in the magazine industry. Talk about dreamy. 10 weeks full of subway rides, slices of pizza, published articles, and lazy days in Central Park. In the week I’ve been here, I’ve managed to check so much off my bucket list—MoMA, Times Square, Washington Square Park, SO MUCH New York Pizza—at the expense of my poor, poor feet. But I’m young. I’ll survive. Or better yet, thrive.

Hopefully to come: spending an entire day (or likely multiple) at the Met, enjoying a rowboat/picnic date at Central Park, partaking in a cheesy tourist bus trip, visiting Top of the Rock, crossing the Brooklyn Bridge, reading at the New York Public Library, taking in a jazz club, posing for Blair Waldorf-style photos across Manhattan…and so much more. I can’t believe I have so many weekends to take everything in.

Something that’s surprised me the most about this city is the quality—and size and number—of its parks. Good golly, I could spend an entire day lazing around in Washington Square Park or Union Square Park, reading my Jack Kerouac and sipping lemonade and listening to the saxophone player’s jazz float through the air. Tall, healthy trees block out the heat, a nice amount of overbearing sunlight, and a surprising amount of traffic noise. New York City’s parks in the summertime are nothing short of idyllic. Just, y’know, stay away from the people yelling in the middle of the square, cardboard sign raised tall.

One thing I may never quite get used to (that isn’t as bothersome as I thought): the traffic noise. When I look out my window at night, no matter the time, I still see a relatively steady stream of people and cars coming and going. From where could they be coming or going? Why so late at night? It’s my midwestern sensibility, I think, that everything should close up shop at 10 p.m. on a weekday and everyone should be safely tucked in bed by 11. But the fact that things are open is nothing short of wonderful. This city truly does have everything. If the Ubers could quit honking their horns at 3 a.m., though, that’d be cool. This lady’s gotta get her sleep.

My first impression of New York is very, very good. Not even a tiny kitchen and flooded bathroom can keep me down. Check back for updates, friends 🙂

Until next time (or maybe…xoxo)


(Gossip Girl)