Brain Dump

Take Two

Hey there! I’m back for my second blog post.


It’s 10:30 on a Tuesday morning and I finally have a free minute.

Drake Mag has its big pin-up on Thursday, and we send to print in exactly 6 days. So it’s safe to say that things are a bit hectic in my life right now. Luckily, I haven’t had to pull any 2-hour sleep nights (yet) like I did frequently last semester, but I’m still in a near-constant state of stress and panic. There’s too much to do and not enough time to do it.

I’m currently running the Drake Student-led On Painted Street Instagram account, which is fun but more stress than I need right now. You can check out my posts here.

On my to-do list today is finishing up my Drake Mag stories, edit drafts, write my editor’s letter, curate products for a photoshoot, write papers for school, and…maybe eat? There truly aren’t enough hours in the day. Ah, well.

The weather is going to be crazy nice these next few days after a long, long winter, so hopefully it’ll continue after Drake Mag is done so I can actually enjoy it. Oh! And I got new headshots to celebrate the Spring issue, one of which can be seen at the top of this page. Despite there being falling snow on the 20-degree day it was taken last weekend, we managed to make it look convincingly spring-y by using the Drake Greenhouse as our shoot location. I think it’s convincing, don’t you?


Okay, that minute of free time is up. Until next time!